Terms and Conditions

1. Residents and citizens of all countries and jurisdictions over the age of majority can transact with us, as long as doing so does not violate the laws and regulations governing investments in their country of residence.

2. Investing is voluntary; the participant must understand that any investment is subject to risk, deliberate carefully before making a decision, and evaluate the possible consequences.

3. By investing with us, you warrant that you understand and accept all the terms and conditions set forth here and on other pages of the website. You further accept that the money you invest belongs to you and does not result from any illegal activity carried out by you or any other individual or company.

4. The investment process is anonymous: we do not require that you provide your personal data at registration and will not transfer your user information to any third party.

5. Once registered, you are allowed to use the full functionality of the website to make investments and receive interest as set forth in our investment offer.

6. The administration undertakes to maintain the website and execute payouts to investors in accordance with the terms of the investment program.

7. Investors can invest any sum within the limits set by the investment offer, create an unlimited number of deposits, and withdraw the accumulated profit at any moment, as long as it does not contradict the terms of the investment offer. The participant can also reinvest the profit instead of withdrawing it.

8. Investors can carry out financial transactions using any of the payment processing systems provided. At the same time, it is not possible to make a deposit using one processing system and then withdraw the profit using another.

9. All registered members can participate in the referral program and earn rewards for attracting new members, as well as in the bounty program to receive bonuses. Note that sending out spam messages is not allowed; users who send out spam will be held personally responsible for the consequences.

10. All investors can contact our tech support service and ask any question related to our services. Each request will be processed to provide the investor with a competent answer or assistance.

11. The administration reserves the right to block the account or accounts of any user who creates multiple accounts, violates the present Terms and Conditions, or tries to defame the firm by spreading false information about it. In all such cases, the funds deposited will also be blocked without a possibility of refund.

12. The company pledges to ensure a high level of protection for investors' deposits and payment details, as well as a maintain data security protocols that will prevent any data theft or tampering by any third party.

13. The deposits made by the participant cannot be refunded or withdrawn. Early withdrawal of the body of a deposit is not allowed by the investment terms and cannot be carried out under any circumstances.

14. The administration will to assist the participant in restoring access to their account in case of a loss of the password and login credentials.

15. In order to prevent hacker attacks, account fraud, and theft, participants must not transfer their login credentials to any third party. A failure to safeguard one's login credentials will relieve the administration of any responsibility for the possible loss or damage.

16. The administration reserves the right to modify the project's investment terms, rules, payout schedule, affiliate program rules, and other terms and conditions. In case of such a change, the participant will be notified via email.